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SuperCup is a championship which offers a competitive, yet fun and friendly, environment for production saloon, hatchback, and sports car racers to enjoy.

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Race Report

Qualifying was an unpredictable affair at Donington Park, which saw Colin Tester joining Championship regular Hugh Gurney in the fray amongst the existing SuperCup fraternity. A stellar effort mid-session put the M3 of JK Motorsport on pole, but it looked in doubt as a late charge from the Seat EuroCups of both Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes, and Seriously Motorsport’s Steve Gales saw them take second and third respectively. Class A pole was claimed by Championship newcomers “B’stard Motorsport” (drivers Chris Hoey and Paul Ivens), despite a last lap effort from GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow in his new-for-2019 M3 that saw him take second in class and fifth overall. Third in Class A was 2018 class winner Martyn Culley in the Goblin Racing SEAT. The new-for-2019 SuperCup Class B was headed by newcomer James Goodall in the JRG Racing VW Golf, ahead of the BMW of Thorney Motorsports Callum Nobel, the Renault Clio’s of FinSport Chequered Images / Team Norfolk were third and fourth in class.

As the lights went out for the start of the race, it was the JK Motorsport BMW on pole who got away best, managing to gap the Seat EuroCups into the first corner. In Class A the BMW of Burstow also got away well, but the pace of the B’stard Motorsport Scirocco won through in the first lap dash, and it was the pair of Hoey and Ivens who emerged leading the class at the end of the first lap. The two Class A leaders traded lap times throughout the early part of the race, until Burstow in the BMW managed to find a way past on lap four to take the class lead. This was a lead the GNB BMW managed to hold onto until the start of the pit stops. Further back, Martyn Culley in the Goblin Racing SEAT was holding a strong third in class, able to hold off the advances of the HTV Racing Ford Sierra of Brian Lilley and Aaron Tucker in fourth. 

Off the line JRG Racing’s Goodall managed to hold onto the Class B lead, but the typically fast starting BMW of Thorney Motorsports Callum Nobel was hot on his heels. So hot that on the second lap of the iconic Derby circuit, the Thorney Motorsport BMW managed to find a way past the Golf for the class lead. Now out in front, Nobel was able to gap the Golf of Goodall and then manage the opening gap into the pit stop window. The Renaults of Finsport and Team Norfolk were then left to battle for third and fourth. The two Clio’s swapped position over the first lap with the Team Norfolk Clio getting the jump on its Finsport counterpart. The Norfolk Clio was only able to hold off the Finsport car for so long however, as the Finsport team of Tait and Finlay managed to pass the Norfolk car on lap four as the pair battled amongst the Class A cars.

Up front JK Motorsport was able to take full advantage from the start, and gapped the chasing SEAT EuroCups, and rest of the field, entering the pit window with a twenty second lead!

When the pit window opened, first into the pits was the Class A car of Hoey and Ivens, looking to get the jump on the Class A leader Burstow with an early stop. This brought Martyn Cully in the Goblin SEAT into the pits as he looked to close the gap. Up front the leader took to the pits next, gifting a temporary lead to the SEAT EuroCup of Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes and second place to the Seriously Motorsport EuroCup of Steve Gales, who were now only just over a second apart on the road. As the Mangoes SEAT emerged from the pit lane following his stop, the JK Motorsport M3 flashed by, going back into the lead, but the lead was down to just over a second. Sensing this was his best change of the race so far, Goes in the SEAT got his head down and hounded the leading BMW. After following the leader for two laps Goes managed to find a way past and took the lead outright. A lead he managed to hold until the end winning not just Class S but the race overall as well, by only three seconds after 45 minutes of racing.

The early stopping B’stard Motorsport managed to jump the GNB BMW in the pits to take the class lead. This was a lead they managed to keep until the flag, despite the best efforts of Burstow, who had to settle for second in class and fifth overall. A second strong half of the race was enough for Martyn Culley to take third in class, ahead of the Barton Motorsport Golf who had been fighting with the Goblin sister car at the hands of Barrie Culley, who took fourth and fifth in class respectively.

The Class B win went to Thorney Motorsport’s Callum Nobel, who despite a strong challenge by both JRG Motorsports James Goodall and the Finsport pair of Tait and Finlay who fought to the flag for the second podium position. Fourth in Class B went to the Team Norfolk Clio.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS32
2JK MotorsportS30
3B'Stard MotorsportA29
4Seriously? MotorsportS22
5GNB RacingA24
6Thorney MotorsportB22
7Goblin RacingA18
8JRG RacingB17
9Finsport, Chequered ImagesB13
10Barton MotorsportA11
11Goblin Racing A8
12Team NorfolkB6
13SeatSport UKADNF
14HTV RacingADNF
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying painted a familiar picture at Snetterton, with the JK Motorsport BMW in the hands of Colin Tester setting an early pace. Steve Gales in the Seat EuroCup joined the pack and snatched top spot, but it was to be short lived, as a charge from Tester allowed him to regain his pole as the session progressed. Class S qualifying saw JK Motorsport once again up front with the two EuroCups of Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes and Seriously Motorsport’s Steve Gales in second and third respectively.  Class A pole was claimed by Martyn Culley of Goblin Racing, ahead of fellow Seat, Brad Kaylor of SeatSport UK, who had to settle for second in class. Third in Class A was BStard Motorsport’s Chris Hoey in the VW Scirocco. In Class B it was 2018 Trackday Championship “Champion” Apple Car Centre on class pole, with Andy Ball and Stephen Moore of Team Bacon Butty, two places behind but second in class, followed by the Finsport Clio in Class B third.

As the lights went out, a solid start from the JK BMW, put Tester out in front on the run into the first corner. With the two SEAT EuroCup’s of Gales and Goes just behind. It was down to AutoRevive London pair of David Gardner and Chris Mills to begin a fight towards a Class S podium, having held fourth.

A characteristically good start from the GNB Racing BMW of Gary Burstow allowed him to push past his fellow Class A competitors to gain the class lead. Martyn Culley of Goblin Racing held off Brad Kaylor of SeatSport UK, as the BStard Motorsport Scirocco of Chris Hoey and Paul Ivens was hot on his heels in fourth.

With the Class B lead in the hands of Apple Car Centre, it was down to the Team Bacon Butty pair of Ball and Moore, to push forwards after the Clio. Chasing hard behind was team Finsport - Chequered Images, who were battling Sam Strong of Strong Racing. The pair traded third place, with Tait and Finlay finally regaining the position, leaving the Sam Strong to once again start the fight back.

Up front, the JK Motorsport BMW now held a seven second lead ahead of Mangoes Racing and the rest of the pack. Chris Mills for AutoRevive London was now in sight of third position as twenty minutes into the race, Seriously Motorsport’s Steve Gales looked to be slowing with a delaminated tyre coming out of Williams.

Class A’s, GNB Racing still held a solid first position in class ahead of the battle for second between Goblin Racing and BStard Motorsport. The battle came to ahead when BStard Motorsport ran wide into Agostini allowing Culley to slip up the inside line, and take Class A second.

In Class B the Bacon Butty Porsche and Finsport Clio were now head to head for the top spot. Stuck behind the two was Apple Car Centre’s Honeybone, who was waiting for a pit stop from either car to allow back to the class lead.

As the pit window opened, it was the Graves Motorsport BMW who blinked first, with Steve Gales of Seriously Motorsport being forced to pit next. Out front, Tester of JK Motorsport entered the pits to let partner Gurney start his stint. This gave the temporary lead to Goes in the Mangoes Racing SEAT before entering the pits himself. Next into the pits was the AutoRevive London BMW, followed by the GNB Racing BMW of Gary Burstow.

When the results came in it was the M3 of JK Motorsport who took the win, ahead of the Mangoes Racing Seat EuroCup. A mistake from the Seriously Motorsports Gales allowed the AutoRevive London M3 to slip through the gap up into third. Steve Gales in the second EuroCup having to settle for fourth over the line. Class A saw a well-deserved Gary Burstow of GNB Racing take first place. A close fought race saw Goblin Racing taking finish only a second ahead of BStard Motorsport’s Hoey and Ivens for second and third in class respectively. In Class B it was the Father and Son duo of Ray and Jordan Honeybone who took first place. Thorney Motorsport’s Callum Noble took second, just ahead of Tait and Finlay in the Finsport Clio who crossed the line for third in class.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1JK MotorsportS35  
2Mangoes RacingS20 
3AutoRevive LondonS25
4Seriously? MotorsportS22
5GNB RacingA25
6Apple Car CentreB24  
7Goblin RacingA21 
8B'Stard MotorsportA18 
9SeatSport UKA14
10Thorney MotorsportB13
11Finsport, Chequered ImagesB10
12Team Bacon Butty RacingB7
13Strong Racing with Graves MotorsportB4
14HTV RacingA4
15Goblin Racing A2
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Despite challenging qualifying conditions, a stellar effort from the JK Motorsport BMW put Gurney and Tester out on pole for the third consecutive time this season. Steve Gales of Seriously Motorsport came in second in Class S, just ahead of Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes who rounded out the class in third. Class A qualifying was topped by Martyn Culley of Goblin Racing, with second in class eventually going to Gary Burstow of GNB Racing. Barrie Culley in the sister Goblin Racing Seat finishing qualifying with a third in class. SuperCup newcomer, Kester Cook, set the pace for Class B, putting him fourth on the grid overall, but crucially on Class B pole. Father and Son duo, Ray and Jordan Honeybone sat in second, narrowly ahead of James Goodall in the JRG Racing VW Golf.

When the lights went out, it was the fast starting BMW of JK Motorsport who got the best start, leading the pack through the opening part of the race. Gales in the Seriously Motorsport Seat held second, as Goes from third on the grid bogged down in the damp conditions and fell through the pack.

Class A front runner Martyn Culley in the Goblin Racing Seat held onto the advantage from qualifying to lead the class into the opening rounds, albeit under mounting pressure from the BMW of GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow. Culley could only hold off the BMW for so long however, as Burstow found a way past and managed to gap the Seat as the race progressed.

Class B pole sitter Cook, in the Big Skidz Fiesta had the Clio of Apple Car Centre to contend with right from the go. The Apple Car Centre Car traded lap times with Cook until eventually finding a way pat in the early stages. Third in class was JRG’s James Goodall, ahead of the Thorney Motorsport BMW at the hands of Callum Noble.

As the pit window neared, JK Motorsport was able to hold the advantage in front of the field pitting from the lead. The Two Seat EuroCup’s of Seriously motorsport and Mangoes Racing would be fighting for position in the pit window, as Gales pitted, Goes stayed out in an attempt to get the undercut. A flurry of pit activity, then saw both the Class A and the Class B leaders come into the pits as Apple Car Centre and Goblin Racing headed for the pit lane.

As the dust settled from the pit window, it was the Class S BMW of JK Motorsport out in the lead, a lead they would ultimately convert to a class and overall win in the wet conditions. Seriously Motorsport managed to stay ahead of Goes in the Mangoes Racing Seat, for second and third in class respectively.

Class A was eventually won by B’Stard motorsport, with a well-timed stop allowing them to jump Goblin Motorsports Martyn Culley in the pits, and a technical issue for Burstow elevating them to class win. Second in class fell to Martyn Culley, with third in class awarded to the Seat of Brad Kaylor, just reward for a solid effort.

Class B saw another change in the pits, as Apple Car Centre lost out to the Big Skidz Fiesta. This gave Cook in the Fiesta a debut Class B win in the MSVT SuperCup, ahead of the Apple Car Centre Car, and Thorney Motorsport in Class B third.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1JK MotorsportS34  
2Seriously? MotorsportS28
3Mangoes RacingS24
4Big Skidz Racing TeamB27 
5B'Stard MotorsportA25
6Apple Car CentreB22 
7Goblin RacingA22  
8Thorney MotorsportB16
9SeatSport UKA15
10Barton MotorsportA12
11Finsport, Chequered ImagesB9
12Team Bacon Butty RacingB6
13Goblin Racing A5
14F&G RacingA3
15GNB RacingA0
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

A wet qualifying lead to a jumbled SuperCup grid as the more powerful cars struggled to get their power down. In the changeable conditions it was Championship returnee Michael Pensavalle that took pole in the Team Meanest BMW, ahead of Class B’s Callum Noble in the Thorney Motorsport BMW. Third on the grid and second in Class S was the JK Motorsport BMW of Hugh Gurney, ahead of fourth on the grid, and second in Class B, Apple Car Centres Ray and Jordan Honeybone. The lead Class A car could only manage fifth overall, ad B’stard Motorsport pair of Chris Hoey and Paul Ivens pipped Goblin Racings Martyn Culley to take Class A pole by half a second.

With wet conditions on track the race started behind the Safety Car, who lead the first lap. When racing commenced, it was the BMW of JK Motorsport and the VW Scirocco of B’stard motorsport who were on the move, both able to pass Thorney Motorsport over the opening laps to battle for second on the track, just behind Team Meanest in the Class S BMW. It wasn’t long before the Class B leader was caught by Apple Car Centre as well, but before they could challenge for the lead in Class B, the Safety car was brought out with JK Motorsports Gurney in the gravel. This elevated Goes of Mangoes Racing into second in class, just ahead of AutoRevive London who jumped up to third in class. Martyn Culley inherited the Class A lead under this safety car period too, as B’stard Motorsport retired in the pits.

With the Safety car on track the pit lane opened, leading to most cars jumping into the pits.

As the dust settled from the pit stop window, and now with the Safety Car back in the pit lane, It was the AutoRevive London BMW who found themselves in the lead, and on a drying circuit. Mangoes Racing, now in second pushed hard, and despite closing the gap to under ten seconds over the second half of the race, was unable to challenge the Autorevive London BMW for the lead. Over the line, it was AutoRevive London who took the win, ahead of Class S rival Mangoes Racing in the Seat Eurocup. Third in class was Team Meanest’s BMW, who dropped down through the field following a late pit stop.

The Class A win looked to be a straight fight between the two Goblin Racing cars of Martyn Culley and Barrie Culley. This was a battle that was ultimately won by Martyn Cully ahead of the sister car of Barrie. The Porsche of Fernando Getino and Gary Martin took third in Class A.

The Battle for Class B raged on until the flag, with Tait of Finsport and Cook of Bigskidz Racing trading lap times through the latter stages of the race. Alex Tait managed to hold on giving the Class win to Finsport ahead of Cook in second place. The battle wasn’t done in class B though as Thorney Motorsports Callum Noble found a way past Apple Car Centres Ray and Jordan Honeybone on the last lap of the race to take the third and final podium position of the Class.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1AutoRevive LondonS32
2Mangoes RacingS28
3Finsport, Chequered ImagesB27
4Big Skidz Racing TeamB24
5Thorney MotorsportB23
6Apple Car CentreB18
7Goblin RacingA18
8Team MeanestS16
9Goblin Racing A13
10F&G RacingA10
11GNB RacingSDNF
12B'Stard MotorsportA2
13JK MotorsportSDNF
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

A wet qualifying session provided a jumbled grid as the Class S cars struggled in the conditions of the Dutch circuit. It was the Class B car of Apple Car Centre who eventually claimed the overall pole position, ahead of Class B rivals RedSeal Racing second and Team Darkside in third. The top Class S car, the Seat of Seriously Motorsport’s Steve Gales had to settle for fourth, ahead of Mangoes Racing Seat at the hands of Darren Goes in sixth.

From the start, it was the Thorney Motorsport BMW at the hands of Callum Noble who got away fastest, able to take the lead from a chasing Team Darkside who’d jumped up to second. The pole sitters Apple Car centre had to settle for third on the road following wheel spin off the start. Apple Car Centre were then relegated to fourth, as the Class S Seat of Mangoes Racing climbed up the field. Goes made short work of the front running Class B cars as he managed to take the lead in the opening laps and slowly build the gap out front, while Gales in the second Class S Seat struggled with grip in the wet conditions.

With the Class S through and in clear air, Team Darkside started to bring the gap down to the Class B leader Thorney Motorsport. With the diesel Ibiza brining the Apple Car Centre Clio along with it, the top three Class B cars traded lap times up until the pit stop window. 

As the dust settled from the pit stop window it was Mangoes Racing Seat still out in front, ahead of the Team Darkside, who and managed to jump Thorney Motorsport in the pits. Apple Car Centre had fallen to fourth following a double trip to the pit lane with technical gremlins.

With conditions now starting to improve the lap times were starting to drop. Still struggling for grip Steve Gales in the Seat found himself in the gravel trap which brought out the safety car. With the field now bunched back up, the Apple Car Centre Clio found themselves, behind the recovering Gales, but now crucially also just behind the Thorney Motorsport BMW of Callum Noble. With the Safety car back in the pits, it was a dash to the finish. With the Seat in front able to gap the pack, the car on the move was the Apple Car Centre Clio, who was now on the back of the Thorney Motorsport BMW having been let through by Gales in the struggling Seat. This battle for second in Class B allowed the Team Darkside Ibiza to escape down the road, but the Clio of Ray and Jordan Honeybone was all over the Thorney BMW. As the cars rounded the final corner of the last lap, the Clio got a slight overlap on the BMW and entered the straight side by side.

Across the line, Goes in the Mangoes Racing Seat managed to hold his advantage over the Class B cars to take the Class S and overall win. Team Darkside took second and a Class B win, and it was Thorney Motorsport who had to settle for third in class B, having been out dragged down the straight and pipped to second in class B, and third overall by Apple Car Centre. Red Seal Racing came home fifth overall, with the Seat of Steve Gales finishing sixth.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS31
2Team DarksideB30
3Apple Car CentreB28  
4Thorney MotorsportB23
5RedSeal RacingB20
6Seriously? MotorsportS18
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying painted a familiar picture, with the M3 of Hugh Gurney and Colin Tester taking pole position ahead of guest Graham Crowhurst and Steve Gales in third. In Class A the leading car was farther and son pairing Nik and Les Barton, ahead of Martyn Culley in second, and Barrie Culley third. Class B “pole” was taken by Callum Noble ahead of class title rival Ray Honeybone in second and Alex Tait in third. The SuperCup Championship leader Darren Goes qualified eleventh on the grid, behind both of his Class S rivals.

A great start for the leading BMW’s saw them fight for position straight off the line, but it was Crowhurst who had the edge and lead the first lap. Not to be out down however, the Gurney/Tester BMW soon found a way past to take the lead of the race, a lead that despite a safety car period, they managed to hold until the pit stops. Just behind the lead pack was Championship leader Goes, fighting fellow Seat EuroCup Steve Gales for fourth on the road. Goes managed to find a way past the Seat of Gales but wasn’t able to pull away as the pair traded lap times until the pit window opened.

In Class A a good start by Culley in the number 10 Seat and technical issues for the Barton pair, saw the Class A lead change early on. Just behind Barrie Culley had also snatched second, while Kaylor climbed up through the field having started at the back following qualifying issues. Despite all the Class A cars being in close battles with other cars, this was how they stayed until the pit window. Class B Was in the hands of class pole sitter Callum Noble, after an early off caused a lengthy stop for Ray Honeybone in the Clio. This gave Noble a comfortable lead over Tait in the Clio as the pit stops started.

With the dust settled after the pit stops. It was the BMW of Gurney and Tester who emerged in the lead, now with the team of Baldwin and Faisca in the 370Z in second ahead of Crowhurst in third. Despite a chards from the 370Z and Crowhurst's BMW the pair were unable to do anything about the leading BMW of Gurney and Tester, and the lead pair took the last win of the season. Second in Class S was Steve Gales, ahead of Goes in third, who followed Gales in second home to take the 2019 SuperCup Championship Title. Class A was taken by Martyn Culley to again take a Class A title, Barrie Culley came home in second ahead of Class A rivals Kaylor and the pair of Getino and Martin. Further down the field Noble in his BMW help off Tait in the Clio to take the class win and with it the class title, Honeybone in the Clio came home in third.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1JK MotorsportS34
2Seriously? MotorsportS28
3Mangoes RacingS24
4Goblin RacingA21 
5Thorney MotorsportB23
6Finsport, Chequered ImagesB19
7Goblin Racing A19
8SeatSport UKA4 
9F&G RacingA13
10Apple Car CentreB11
11Barton MotorsportA9
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.
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